Customisable Screens

Configure multiple landing screens and allocate them to each User or a POS Station.

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SMS Notifications

Spiral POS integrates with a third party SMS gateway for sending SMS notification to the customers. The SMS message uses a template based wording and can be personalized for each customer and a transaction. In addition to the auto SMS notification, system also support  marketing messages to selected customers.

eCommerce Integrations

Spiral POS integrates with Wordpress CMS and provides a two way communication with Spiral Portal. The wordpress plugin periodically polls the portal for inventory, stock and prices. All orders and transactions are pushed to the portal for further processing. The wordpress plugin support ticket, parties and Woo Commerce integration.

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Payment Gateways

Spiral POS integrates with the Ezi Debit payment gateway for online payment processing. The booking or eCommerce website can accept credit card payments from customers and the money will be deposited directly to the bank account. Spiral POS facilitates the communication however it does not store any sensitive information including credit card number or bank details.

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