Customisable Screens

Configure multiple landing screens and allocate them to each User or a POS Station.

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Capacity Management

Multiple sessions and time duration can be configured for parties and events. Each session slot can have a capacity limits and time constraints. The ability to block out or reserve a full capacity for a certain day or part of a day is also available. Capacity can be shared between resources, i.e. party rooms and tables. Parties may also include food items and package deals.

Reservation and Scheduling

All tickets, parties and event bookings are tracked via calendar view for an easy navigation between the sessions. The reservation feature allows blocking out the full capacity or a part of the capacity and using it for a corporate booking or a school group on a different price rate. Bookings can be configured to allow up to six months in advance.

Cancellation, Refund, Reschedule

All transactions can be cancelled, refunded or voided. A partial refund/void option is also available. The system tracks for all voided items including the reason for a void for later reporting. The reschedule feature enables the tickets and parties to be rescheduled to another date.

More Information

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