Customisable Screens

Configure multiple landing screens and allocate them to each User or a POS Station.

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Auto and Coupon Discounts

Spiral POS offers auto discount as well as coupon based discount codes. A discount code can be used in marketing emails or SMS to promote a product or an activity. The discount feature allows both fixed amount and percentage on full transaction as well as for individual items in the cart.

Membership and Gift Vouchers

The gift voucher and membership feature are used to presale products and get loyal customers. Gift vouchers sale price can be different to the redeem price, this means a gift voucher can be sold on a discounted rate. Membership benefits includes discounted products and free offerings in the store.

Hosting Options

Spiral POS offers both cloud hosting as well as on-premises hosting. If you have a slow or un-reliable internet, it is recommended that you should consider on-premises option. The disadvantage of on-premises option is that it may not be integrated with your online booking / eCommerce website. Please contact our helpdesk if you a special requirement.

More Information

Please download a Brochure with additional information and our pricing options.